Extreme Landcruiser Presents the Eight 8 Star Wide Body Aero Kit for the 2008-2015 LC200

This 8 star kit for the 08-15 Landcruiser 200 features aggressive styling and lines that drastically improve the styling of the Landcruiser 200 Series. Using premier design techniques and materials, It doesn’t get any better than this!
We at Extreme Landcruiser are happy to be able to share this conversion with our customers. We can ship your parts to your Local Toyota Dealer, or to any customization shop in the world for your installation. Choose from the stage I Kit for refined lines, or the Stage II kit for a full on wide body transformation. Sport tuned exhaust available for some international drivetrain types. Easily tucks 24″ wide offset wheels!

Eight Star LC200 Widebody Conversion

Eight Star LC200 Widebody Conversion



Eight Star, The Ultimate Conversion for The 200 Series Landcruiser!

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  1. Seb says:

    Please let me know once you have body kit available for landcruiser 200 4.5L V8 2012-2013 and the price for full kit

  2. ryan
    ryan says:

    Seb, No problem- please email us directly with your shipping address and we will get you a complete quote.

  3. jon says:

    Is the body kit made of ABS plastic? Send me a quotation of the price of the bodykit for 2013 land cruiser 200 series to Manila,Philippines. Thanks

  4. Faruk says:

    Good day! Im owner ofLC 200,2011 model,V6,4.0lt. white pearl cover. Kindly ask you advise full body kit cost along with shipping to UAE/Dubai.

  5. vahid says:

    would you please send me your complete data + prices for all available body kit items for a land cruiser v6 2013.
    destination is dubai.

  6. 4b11T says:


    I suppose you already have my email with you for replying the quotes.

    Kindly send me an email regarding your agency/dealership offers in the middleeast


  7. Sami Al Notki says:

    What is the price of the whole Body kit for landcruiser GXR V8 2012 with shipping to sultanate of Oman

  8. max murtagh says:

    Please email me a quote for a 2012 sahara, 200 series.
    Can I ship to Australia?

  9. Hussam says:


    I own a land Cruiser GXR V8 2012,Pearl White Color.

    Im truly interested in your body kit,

    Kindly advise on the price of the body kit, including the shipping estimate to Doha. Qatar.


  10. sarkawt says:

    Can you please send me the price for the full bodykit for landcruiser 2011, v6 shipping to iraq. Thanks

  11. ryan
    ryan says:


    Please email us direct your exact address for shipping quote.

    We also need to know more information about your LC200 such as

    Year, Model designation, Engine size etc.



  12. jay says:

    hi, could you please quote me prices for the roof spoiler, gate spoiler and rear bumper to dubai? thanks

  13. Mimo el lakkis says:

    I need a new land cruiser 5,7v8 full options with the extreme conversion in full to Luanda Angola I need a quote made out to messant lda
    Thank you your urgent reply will be much appreciated

  14. Serkan says:

    Hi i am from turkey, i have 2001 land cruiser 4,2 diesel is this comfortable for my car or do you have full body kit ?

  15. ray koh says:

    I am ray interested for this bodykit
    pls email me the price quotation send to Malaysia
    and what material for the bpdykit?

    installation will be hard?

    best regards

    ray koh

  16. Jps Grewal says:

    Hi, can you please let me know if i can get this body kit for new Land cruiser 2013 in India. And if yes then what will be the price and how will i install this on my LC. Thank you

  17. rixxaman says:


    Similar question with Hussam on July 23, 2013 above.
    I have GXR V8, Red Maroon, year 2010.
    Pls send the price along with specification + Shipment cost to Doha, State of Qatar.


  18. grated says:

    hi im ghassan i would like a quote for this kit and what it includes plz do email me thanks alot in advance

  19. Yacoub says:


    I own a land Cruiser GXR V8 2013,Pearl White Color.

    I am truly interested in this body kit,

    Kindly send me a quote and the price of the body kit, including the shipping estimate to Dammam, Saudi Arabia.


  20. Shahid says:

    How much is the body kit and can u ship it to me to dubai UAE and howmuch will the total cost be and will this bodykit fit 2004 and 2006 landcruiser too?

  21. Ibrahim_Alt says:

    Hello there , okay well i really love this body kit and i wanna get it fixed so if i wanna do that and i live in the uae.. Let me know how it goes and how much is it for

  22. roger mcfarlane says:

    hi could you give me a quote to put the 8 star kit on my 200 series lcruiser and the time it will take you to fit it ..
    kind regards roger

  23. hak says:

    let me know the price for complete bodykit for land cruise fj 200 vx shipping to brunei darussalam.

  24. conrad says:

    I need a quote for the tyres and rims as shown in the pictures , i have a 2014 vxr v8 land cruiser, quote should be delivered to dubai.

  25. ryan
    ryan says:

    They are 24″, please contact us via email direct for the exact quote. We will need your full shipping address as well.

    Thanks in advance!


  26. ryan
    ryan says:


    Please contact us directly via email with your complete shipping address and we will give you the exact quote.

  27. ryan
    ryan says:

    If we are building the vehicle here, we can paint any color. If we are shipping you the parts, you must paint there.
    The parts ship in natural black material color, and need paint to match the vehicle.

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