About Us

Extreme Landcruiser started with extremely humble beginnings. It started with a single 80 Series Landcruiser which dreamed of becoming a Giant Arctic Exploration vehicle. That transformation took a number of years before finally being debuted in 2010 at the All Toyotafest in Long Beach, CA. From there things got interesting, that vehicle had stickers on it that said “Extreme Landcruiser” Simply because the 44″ tires were anything but normal. That was enough to catch the attention of the media, and images started to appear on the internet. From there people started ask about the origins of the extreme Landcruiser, which led to inquiries about buying some of the original parts that were installed on it. By 2013 the volume of inquiries was hard to ignore and the conversation was started that maybe this interest should be converted into an actual business.

Extreme Landcruiser started as a one person operation and has continued to be so throughout the majority of its operation. It has had its ups and downs as what the market wanted us to supply to it was learned.
For many years we have sold many parts made in various parts of the world, rare and hard to find items were our specialty. If we didn’t have it, we would locate it, and send it direct to your door. At one point we stocked JDM, USDM, Australian, South American, and South African made Landcruiser parts for your special projects. Eventually our business evolved to provide turn-key solutions for complete purpose built exploration vehicles. This brought on a shift within our company as we found more inquiries from municipal fleets, armored vehicle companies, and military oriented requirements.

Extreme Landcruiser XLC200MAX conversion

The recent internet revolution has mostly rendered the sales of most mainstream loosely distributed automotive aftermarket parts is ineffective and a possible financial loss to keep up with. In some cases our customers were coming back to us with quotes on parts that were actually less than what our dealer cost was on them. That most definitely spells business extinction. Rather than watching us plow ourselves under the ground, in 2018 a decision was made to let go. We realized that selling these companies parts is no longer in our best interest and have decided to move onto more innovative ways to grow our business. Only the supplying companies that support us equally will be retained.

Extreme Landcruiser XLC200MAX conversion

Currently we are configured to provide complete conversion kits to upfitters worldwide that service their own unique markets. We have custom tailored solutions made to achieve desired results with minimal amounts of experimentation based on experience with previous project analysis. Now knowing what a given set of modifications will have on the outcome of performance gives us solid group knowledge on which components will achieve the desired results at the greatest efficiency. you will find these packages available on our site, and we are adding to them weekly.
Thank you to all of our customers that have been with us as we have slowly evolved to where we are today.
Thank you again for any and all support, this business journey is an ongoing learning experience that has been sometimes painful, and other times rewarding. I am just entirely grateful to be working with my favorite vehicles in existence for the last 10+ years.



Extreme Landcruiser Distributing Marks4wd Conversion parts in the USA

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UZJ100 With Baja Rack RotoPax Pelican & Pelican Cases

ARB Dual Tire Carrier Bumper available from Extreme Landcruiser

DTS Turbo Conversion Kit for 1HZ Diesel Engine from Extreme Landcruiser

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