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HEAVY DUTY 80 Series Tie Rod Relay Link & Ends Kit by MAF

Heavy Duty Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 FZJ80 & Lexus LX450 Steering Upgrade Kit

Extreme Landcruiser is proud to introduce MAF’s new line of extreme duty tie rods and relay rods for the “40″, “60″ and “80″ series Land Cruisers. Each of these is seriously improved over its stock counterpart. Each rod is a split design with a tie rod clamp versus the jam nut design which will loosen during articulation ( a lesson learned on the two ARCA land cruisers piloted by Tracy Jordan and Don Robbins).

Included in this kit are our MAF Super HD Tie Rod and Relay Rod, as well as a full set of OEM quality 555 Japanese manufacture tie rod ends. All parts are Made in the USA or Japan.

While the stock steering components seem adequate for most driving conditions and conservative tire sizes (e.g. grocery getters), tie rod upgrades are sensible insurance when stepping up to those 35″ and larger tires or negotiating those super tough trails!
  • Vehicle Type: LC80 FJ80 FZJ80 LX450 HDJ81

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