Superior HyperFlex Arms – The New Standard for Landcruiser Performance.

If you know you know, and if you don’t – now you do!

People have experimented with many methods of correcting the front axle castor and axle positioning when lifting their 80 series chassis based vehicles. We have seen methods such as offset bushings in the factory arms, drop brackets at the frame, even custom billet drop radius arms… which previous to the invent of the HyperFlex arms were the way to go. But now there is ONLY ONE choice, and it’s HyperFlex. No longer do you have to worry about spurious castor settings, bushing deflection and binding, or a roll center that is off. While more expensive than the other options, do it right instead of twice. Pick HyperFlex first!

Produced to order based on your lift height. Choose Lifts of 2″,3″,4″,5″,6″ or Stock Height. Also select for OEM eLocker or OEM open diffs for fitment.

You can find Hyperflex Arms on sale in the store under Suspension -> Radius Arms

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