Useful Information for Deciding which Toyota Engine to use for a Gas to Diesel Swap

Note: Extreme Landcruiser is not currently performing engine swaps –
this information provided from our past data vaults for your reference and information research.

95-97 HDJ81 Landcruiser 1HD-FT Engine

95-97 HDJ81 Landcruiser 1HD-FT Engine

Toyota 12-HT Turbo Diesel Engine from HJ61V

Toyota 12-HT Turbo Diesel Engine from HJ61V

Toyota 2B Diesel Engine from a BJ44V

Toyota 2B Diesel Engine from a BJ44V


Toyota Diesel Engines offer plenty of options for your Land Cruiser, here is information as compiled from the Internet.
It is unfortunate that Toyota North America never offered a diesel Land Cruiser in the US Market. As a result of this, Toyota diesel conversions are very popular. Most Toyota diesels have to be sourced from overseas for conversion purposes. The most common Toyota diesel engines that are used in conversions are the 6 cylinder variants offered from 1986-current which are the 12HT, 1HZ, 1HDT, 1HD-FT, and the computer controlled 1HD-FTE.

A quick rundown of the various engines that are installed is as follows:

3B: 4 cylinder naturally aspirated; available in the Canadian market in BJ42, BJ60, and BJ70 as well as other markets. This engine takes very well to an aftermarket turbo.

13BT: turbo’d version of the 3B.

1PZ: 5 cylinder, naturally aspirated (very similar to the 1HZ; except missing one cylinder). Very limited production run from 1990-1995

2H: 6 cylinder, naturally aspirated.; available in the Canadian market HJ60 as well as other markets. Does not turbo well; low boost only.

12HT: turbo’d version of the 2H. Excellent engine and quite powerful. Very limited production run 1985-1989

1HZ: 6 cylinder, naturally aspirated. Excellent engine and is seen as Toyota’s 3rd world workhorse engine. Production run: 1990-current This engine takes very well to an aftermarket turbo.

1HDT: turbo’d version of the 1HZ. Excellent engine for a 80 series conversion. Available from 1990-1995

1HD-FT: 24 valve version of the 1HDT. Excellent engine for a 80 series conversion. Available from 1995-1997

1HD-FTE: computer controlled version Toyota’s 6 cylinder diesel. Started in 1998.

1VD-FTE: Toyota’s first common-rail V8 diesel also debuts a new twin-turbo system that delivers strong power while reducing fuel consumption as well as emissions.

Toyota Diesel Positives:
Made by Toyota
Typically quieter with less vibration than most other diesels of the era
Factory looking installation

Toyota Diesel Negatives:
Not readily available in used or rebuilt form
Parts and sometimes service hard to locate
Later versions are more costly to install
Fewer transmission options

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  1. Avatar
    Leno 1HD-fte says:

    Transformed my 83, 2f 60 series, to run a 1hdfte. It is an awesome vehicle to drive now. Plenty of power, reliability, economy. New engine/gear box mounts. Replaced complete wiring with 79 series, fitted matching instrument cluster. All fitted realitively easy! My favourite toyota Diesel engine. Would love to try a 1vd later on? Maybe even the tt model

    “You my friend understand the parts needed to do the job right, that is an amazing transformation you made. Congratulations!
    (And send us some pics!!!)”

  2. Avatar
    tony says:

    Q: Hi. I own an 80 series landcruiser with a 24 valve 4.2 lt diesel engine. I am looking to get heaps more low down torque for off roading and mud work. Live in Northern Zambia, Central Africa. What advise and services can you offer?

    A: Thanks Tony for your inquiry! We will email you directly concerning programming and aftermarket parts solutions.

  3. Avatar
    John UZJ100 says:

    I have a 2001 Landcruiser 100 series and want to convert it to diesel. I live in US so it is a challenge. Any ideas on what engine i should use also prices as well.
    One more question. In US only gas landcruisers so if I do the conversion how will i be able to register it since diesel is not even an option for smog checks

    “Yes, doing a modern diesel swap can be both costly and take a lot of time/patience. Some areas may present emissions or registration challenges, so it is important to do your due diligence and research before moving ahead. Sometimes it is easier and less costly to sacrifice a the year model and get an older Diesel Land Cruiser that is already complete from the factory and licensed in the USA.”

  4. Avatar
    SFFDDJ says:

    I have purchased a 1983 BJ60 from Canada. I am looking to purchase an upgraded engine…preferably a turbo diesel. Any information and possible places to purchase would be awesome! Thanks so much…Cheers Julie

  5. Avatar
    Jason says:

    Hi im after a toyota land crusier diesel 1hz 75 engine in good condition at a reasonable cost im in ñsw australia any ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks

  6. Avatar
    admin says:

    Sure, send us an email directly and we will point you in the right direction. We can get you a turbo/intercooler kit for that as well.

  7. Avatar
    Wayne says:

    Hello there I’m in search of a 1HD-Ft
    Where can I find one? And is it possible to make it manual transmission as well thanks you so much

  8. Avatar
    SFFDDJ says:

    So I have a BJ60 wagon with the original 3B motor. It needs MORE power for uphill and 4 wd. What type of aftermarket Turbo would you recommend? Or would it be better to just upgrade the motor with a modern diesel engine?

  9. Avatar
    fj80cali says:

    i have a 1991 fj80 at tranny with center difflocks only, i wanted to swap 12ht motor on if because the 1hd engine is very expensive and i saw 12ht less pricey. my question is would it bolt on or easy to install for my fj80? btw, mine is the 4.0 gas engine slow as hell.

  10. Avatar
    Haybennix says:

    Which diesel is the most ideal option for bolting directly to the existing driveline of a 91-92 FJ80 and/or to a 93-97′?

  11. Avatar
    Ahmed says:


    I bought toyota land cruiser having following information:-

    Year: 02/1999
    Frame: FZJ100
    Engine: 1FZFE:4500cc EFI
    Transmission: Automatic

    Therefore i need to replace the complete engine by new deseil engine as petrol is very expensive in my country.
    so please advise the suitable engine and from where i can get

  12. Avatar
    admin says:

    That generation vehicle typically ran a 1HD-FTE. That would require a substantial amount of rework with swapping over the wiring loom, ECU, and than reconfiguring the plumbing of fuel delivery and exhaust. Currently there is a revolution with buying a complete re-power package from Cummins. This may be an easier solution as it is relatively complete with only needing your rework of fuel delivery and exhaust. Transmission wise, there are a few variations that can be used that will replace your trans, and interface through adaptor kit to your transfer case, or you may opt to switch out the transfer case as well. Of course all of this comes down to budget, ultimately the cost may warrant selling the cruiser and buying another one that is already diesel powered. This is a decision only you can make.

  13. Avatar
    admin says:

    They run the 12H-T in the HJ61 version which has plenty power. I do know some people who have run aftermarket turbos on the 3B with decent results.

  14. Avatar
    JorgJuicy says:

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  15. Avatar
    Omara Joseph Felix says:

    I’m looking for Toyota landcruiser engine 12HT complete with gearbox shipped to Uganda.need upgrading from 2H

  16. Avatar
    andersae91 says:

    Hi! I have a 97 Land Cruiser that I would love to convert to diesel. I need some direction and advice on which engine to go with and what extra parts I will need. Thank you!

  17. Avatar
    coach15 says:

    Looking to buy a 1991 Land Cruiser (1PZ) with 333,000KM. Any advices or recomendations. thanks

  18. Avatar
    José Luis Mena Harding says:

    O adaptar 1 PZ a Nissan Patrol año 98, con caja de velocidades Nissan.

  19. Avatar
    SFFDDJ says:

    I have a 1983 Diesel Land Cruiser and I want to upgrade with an after market Turbo…any suggestions?

  20. Avatar
    seanzeeds says:

    I am based in South Africa and am looking to replace my 80 series 1HZ engine. it overheated and is going to be quite hefty to repair so am considering the options of a conversion. I plan on doing a fair amount of off-roading but would also like a fair amount of speed for the open roads

  21. Avatar
    Paul says:


    I can i fit a 1HZ engine in the Toyota Coaster which had a 1HDT engine without changing the transmission gearbox? Can they match

  22. Avatar
    Dave says:

    Hi, I have a 1984 BJ42 (3B turbo and H55F box) and would like to swap up to a 12HT. Hoping someone can provide some advice. Based in Perth, Western Australia. Cheers

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