80 Series Landcruiser Application Specific Audio System FJ80 FZJ80 LX450 HDJ81V

We are currently in the process of designing a 80 series specific aftermarket audio system upgrade that includes a Navigation headunit, properly fitting door speakers, amplification, and the much awaited factory rear quarter panel molded subwoofer enclosure!  The entire system would be plug and play with all necessary wires and hardware. Or you can buy individual components a-la-cart. If this is a system that you would be interested in, please let us know by leaving your comments!

Kevlar cone and rubber surround 8" Audax Woofer

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    Orin Hatch says:

    I would definitely be interested. I just bought mine (LX 450) and so I will need a bit of time to build up the cash to start upgrading it, but I am already researching and creating my list of upgrades. The site is a little hard to get around in for me. I can’t find the store. I’d like to see more of what you can offer.

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    Frank Peterson says:

    I have aftermarket pioneers in the door with spacers just to get by. I would be interested in replacing all nine speakers. I spent a lot of time looking at low profile speakers but couldn’t find any inverted cones like that are in the door. If you guys could put together a factory looking grills and all I would be sold!!!

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    slceso says:

    Just got an 80 not too long ago, and have searched around a bit for a direct fit 80 replacement audio system (and I mean direct fit, not mostly fits with some dremmeling, spacers, krylon etc.). I’d be interested to know what you’ve come up with so far. I’d even paypal you $20 just to spec it out for me! No interest from the rest of the MUD community?

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    Ron jager says:

    I would be interested – ive been working on aftermarket double dins and customized solution

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    pat doyle says:

    I would be interested in a plug and play sub, with a nice radio/GPS/dvd screen tuner if possible.

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    Clive Horridge says:

    I’m interested. I’m about to try and improve the system in my 1995 HDJ80, but there’s little space to easily install something significantly better than the factory fit.

    This custom unit sounds like the business, just what I need. Info please.

    I’m based in Romania, but there must be a way to organise shipping.

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    Thomas Allen says:

    I am a Land Cruiser nut I have a 60, 80, 100, and 200 series and would love to pick up an after market audio system for my 80 series and a speaker kit for my 100 series if available.

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    doug says:

    gday would be interested in the subwoofer enclosure for the 80 series cruiserwhat size sub

  9. ryan
    ryan says:

    Looking to make a quarter panel enclosure for either a 10″ or 12″. The opposite side would be made for a amp rack or second sub.

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    sevin9ercharlie says:

    def. interested in all of it. Don’t know if I can wait on it…when is expected to be out?!

  11. ryan
    ryan says:

    I have a solution for you right now that is great until we make the custom quarter panel.

    Email us direct and I can put the package together for you. Thanks! XLC

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    Ryan says:

    I am definitely interested and working on doing this right now. Don,t mind if it takes a little work just don’t want to turn it into a custom job. I will be installing a Pioneer Avic-930bt and a infinity kappa 5 amp this next week I hope as long as ther are not to many hickups. but then again the speakers are bound to go right close after. really need to find good ones that fit….

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    Brett says:

    Definitely interested in a whole kit. Is this kit available yet? And how much?

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    Tassfrasca says:

    did this kit ever come to fruition?
    of course i am sure you know that there are some depth restrictions, i dont want to do anything but plug and play, just seeing what you came up with.

    let me know


  15. ryan
    ryan says:

    We haven’t given up on the concept of a kit, as we have installed great audio systems in many 80 series over the years. We could put a package together for you if interested email us directly. Thanks!

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    matt says:

    Hey, I’m looking to make some upgrades on the stereo of my FJ80. Specifically, I want to replace some speakers and I’d be interested in the built in woofer you mention. I have an aftermarket Alpine 2-DIN receiver I’ve yet to install. I have the 40th anniversary so I think the speaker config is a little unique. Please email if you can help!


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    mo says:

    My son just got his first car…he said it has no radio..and this is what he needs..can you tell me what a kit would cost? Thanks.maureen

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    Jack says:

    I’d like to replace my OEM 1996 landcruiser speakers…the whole set. Can you still provide set?

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    Kevin says:

    I can’t wait to see what you bring to the market. I am definitely interested in a better system.

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    Kevin says:

    I can’t wait to see what you bring to the market. I am definitely interested in a better system. Hurry up please.

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    Vic says:

    We are interested in your system, wholes set, for our ’97.
    When will this be available?

  22. ryan
    ryan says:

    The high quality set with headunit, low profile speakers, amplifier, subwoofer, and wiring is roughly $2500 usd

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