80 Series Landcruiser 130mm (5″) Lift Coils by TJM 4 Piece Set

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LC80 FJ80 FZJ80 LX450 HDJ81


This is for one set of four Heavy Duty 130MM lift coils by TJM. This will yield you 5″ of lift, great for 37″ tires. Please see our other listings for sets of 50MM and 90MM Coils. We can also sell you only the fronts or rears, or a mixed combo of sizes if requested. Springs are one of the hardest working suspension components in any vehicle, supporting the vehicles weight, 24 hours a day. Often your original springs will fatigue and perform less than adequately with additional load or when used in extreme environments. TJM XGS 4WD Suspension offers one of Australia’s largest range of aftermarket coil springs made to TJM’s exacting specifications with many unique design features to suit today’s Four Wheel Drives. TJM XGS Coil Springs are available in linear and progressive designs for most applications. They also come in various heights and load carrying capacities enabling the optimum suspension system to be achieved. TJM XGS Coil Springs are manufactured on computer controlled coiling machines, scragged before and after shot peening, load tested and supplied in a durable powder coat finish. LINEAR COIL SPRINGS Linear or constant rate coils offer consistent spring rate in all situations. This coil spring design is suited to most 4WD vehicles to increase ride height and improve stability. They are ideally suited for installation to vehicles equipped with accessories such as steel bull bars and winch combinations. PROGRESSIVE COIL SPRINGS Progressive rate coils provide smooth comfortable ride when the vehicle is un-laden and improved stability and load carrying ability when the vehicle is loaded. Designed to increase the spring rate as the load increases, the vehicle displays less tendency to bottom out, thus improving ride comfort. Its an ideal solution for vehicles that carry weight only occasionally. If you are unsure what type of springs you need, contact our technical department with your load carrying requirements. We will fulfill your order with the correct spring type. *Please contact us for availability times and costs.

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Weight 40 lbs

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