TJM 100 Series Landcruiser Alloy T15 Bull Bar Aluminum Bumper

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LC100 UZJ100 FZJ105 LX470


TJM T15 Bull Bar Alloy for the 100 Series Land Cruiser * Please contact us for availability times and costs. TJM Alloy Bull Bars Alloy bars are a lightweight alternative to steel variants, contrary to popular belief the modern alloy bar is very strong. TJM alloy deluxe bull bars are all carefully engineered in Australia using the latest 3D modelling and design technology. This ensures the bar is engineered to suit the shape of the vehicle. All TJM alloy bars are seam welded providing maximum strength and durability. Every TJM alloy bar complies with Australian design rules and are air bag compatible, ensuring optimum safety standards are met. Features: Designed for improved approach angles 76mm centre tube 50-63mm outer tubes Integrated fog lights (fog lights, wiring harness & switches included) Flush mounted polycarbonate indicator lenses Low profile winch mount Winch frame holds a wide range of recovery winches (TJM recommends fitment up to TJM 9,500lb cable and plasma winches) Accommodates large driving lights (Up to Britax Xray Vision 200 & 220c) Provision for fitment of dual aerials Air bag compatible and ADR compliant Does not void your new vehicle warranty From rugged terrains of the outback, to coastal adventures and alpine treks the TJM alloy deluxe bar will get you there and back again and again. Its aluminium properties, which are naturally corrosive resistant, gives it the ability to withstand our harsh climate. With the TJM alloy deluxe bull bar you can enjoy the best of both worlds. An investment in the TJM alloy deluxe bull bar will be one of great value and satisfaction. Whatever your reason may be, you can’t go past a TJM alloy deluxe bull bar. Features: Provision for fitment of dual aerials Airbag compatible Alloy Bumper Replacement Driving light provisions Polyurethane Bumperettes Non airbag compatible Park Assembly Polished Winch Compatible Winch Frame Required T-15 Type Deluxe Class Yes Airbag Compatible Winch Frame Required (957MTT1581C) Winch Compatible Alloy Material Yes Aerial Tabs No Fog Lights No Fog Lights No Jacking Points No Parking Sensor No Rated Recovery Points

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Weight 150 lbs

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