The Magnecor 1FZ-fe Competition Spark Plug Cable Set Has Arrived to Extreme Landcruiser!

When you simply want the best ignition cables, period. Choose Magnecor!

Magnecor is a manufacturer of technically advanced ignition wires (spark plug wires, ignition leads, high tension leads). Magnecor’s head office and factory are situated in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA (Detroit metro area).

If you are needing spark plug wires for almost any engine, or industrial application, including custom specification wire sets, individual wires or cable and parts, more than likely, we can help you.

Magnecor’s KV85 Competition (8.5mm) and R-100 Racing (10mm) Ignition Cables feature Magnecor’s exclusive 2.5mm high capacity Metallic Inductance EMI Suppressed conductor consisting of stainless steel wire precisely wound at 200 turns per inch over a ferrimagnetic core. The insulating jacket is made entirely of Magnecor’s exclusive TC-1500-HS high strength aerospace grade silicone rubber, and its single layer construction will prolong the jacket’s insulating ability by conducting extreme heat away from hot-spots that occur near over-the-limit heat sources.

The KV85 8.5mm jacket has a service heat resistance of 600 degrees F (320 degrees C) and up to 1,000 degrees F (540 degrees C) for short burst 3 minutes. The R-100 10mm jacket has a service heat resistance of 700 degrees F (380 degrees C) and up to 1,200 degrees F (650 degrees C) for short burst 3 minutes. Even if limits are exceeded, the silicone rubber will retain its insulating ability until wires are removed from engine.

Magnecor Race Wires are primarily designed and constructed to be used in applications where it is essential to prevent the possibility of ignition wires compromising engine performance. Modern race engines, modified street engines and stock street engines which rely on electronic devices to control the function of either or both the ignition and fuel systems are prone to interference from all other spiral conductor ignition wires sold through performance parts outlets, none of which can provide proper suppression for EMI, particularly if a high-output ignition system is used.

We always recommend use of our Race Wires for any stock or modified late model street engine that is electronically managed, however most other modified or street engines can also use our Race Wires to improve ignition performance

If your engine is standard, or you don’t need the current carrying capacity and heat resistance of Magnecor Race Wires, Magnecor can also offer you a full and comprehensive line of Magnecor ELECTROSPORTS Series wires (7mm and 8mm) designed for stock and mildly modified street and marine engines. Magnecor’s ELECTROSPORTS Series wires are conventional in jacket construction and contain exclusive conductors that provide excellent RFI and EMI suppression, far better than the best offered by Magnecor’s competitors in the replacement and performance aftermarket. In addition, these wires feature a far superior heat resistant jacket. Like all Magnecor wires, the conductor inside the cable will last indefinitely unless severed. The price of these wires is comparable with wires sold in parts stores and mass-merchandisers, and in many cases are far cheaper and superior to domestic and import original equipment wires.

The first version of Magnecor Electrosports wires (previously Magnecor High Performance) was introduced in 1977 as replacement wires for carbon conductor wires. These wires have saved individual owners, commercial fleet and taxis operators, and alternative fuel vehicle owners millions of dollars over the years by eliminating the need to constantly replace the carbon conductor wires that are still used as original equipment replacement wires to this day.

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