Extreme Landcruiser XLC200MAX Offroad Package for your 08-15 Toyota LC200 URJ200

Extreme Landcruiser is proud to announce the XLC200MAX

The XLC200MAX package was setup to make your LC200 the way it should have been built from the factory. To become the vehicle to fulfill the needs of the user that desires higher performance than the first generation Landcruiser Extreme. The XLC200MAX not only includes the wide body of the Extreme version, but goes way beyond by adding the following performance parts: Race grade upper (UCA) & lower control arms (LCA), 2.5 Diameter piston dual reservoir adjustable coil overs, big brake kit with larger rotors and stronger calipers, underbody skid plates, under rocker slider rock rails, front armor bumper with integral recovery winch, rear armor bumper with integral swing out tire carrier, low profile roof rack with roof top tent capability, snorkel air intake, front and rear differential lockers with 4.88 gearing, original design rotary forged 20×10 wheels in your choice of black or silver, 33 or 35″ Tires, LED lighting , custom stainless steel grille, and onboard air compressor system.

Extreme Landcruiser XLC200MAX conversion

Extreme Landcruiser XLC200MAX conversion

Extreme Landcruiser XLC200MAX conversion

Extreme Landcruiser XLC200MAX conversion

Many parts in this kit are made in a “built to order” process, please contact us for production lead times.



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  1. Avatar
    Bill Ryan says:

    Ryan, interested in some fender flares for a 2010 Landcruiser 200 series. I understand you offer a solution.

    Regards, Bill

  2. Avatar
    Mark Herrera says:

    Are the wheels (20×10 silver) available? And if so what is the offset/backspaceing, Price….please let me know.

  3. Avatar
    Rex Pettibone says:

    Was looking for a turn key 2005 or 06 lexus or land cruiser that would perform bett off and on road. I live in Arizona and with the speed limit at 75 mph eeveryone else is doing at least 85 so in my FJ I’m getting all of 13 miles to the gallon on the freeway or out in the boonies it doesn’t seem to matter. so I was hoping to find A Land Cruiser or the GX or LX that would allow me to still go off road yet have the power to get down the freeway without losing too many more miles per gallon thanks for your time I look forward to hearing back from you hopefully you have something will work for me if I have to provide the car let me know if you guys go out and find one or have a deal where you pick up good used ones and then change out the engines so much the better thank you look forward to hearing from you you have my website above have a good week

  4. ryan
    ryan says:

    One of our customers just finished up building a 2004 LX470 (100 series) with front and rear 80 series axles swapped in.

    Regeared to 4.88, it has plenty of power even with the 38″ tires. I would consider moving into either the LC100 or LC200.

    You would be surprised by the power even from the factory. We also have options for a supercharger kit for the LC100/LX470.

  5. ryan
    ryan says:

    The KDSS remains 100% intact. In the install process the KDSS valves are released, and then retightened after the vehicle is back
    on the ground following the suspension installation.

  6. ryan
    ryan says:

    We sell 20×10 wheels for different applications. The offset will be different based on tire outer diameter, amount of lift, and whether you are running fender flares.

  7. ryan
    ryan says:

    The first truck was built for a customer upon request. We are now shipping the kits to your installer of choice. Whether your local Toyota Dealer Service department,

    or to an independent shop. We have all the parts lists ready to go. Parts are built to the order.

  8. ryan
    ryan says:

    There is a kit for the Tundra available that can be adapted. We can ship you the parts, but you need to have an adept install shop with a dyne to do the tuning.

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    jeanmi says:

    je recherches les elargisseur d aile pour mon vdj 200
    je suis dans le sud de la france
    merci en attente de votre reponse


  10. Avatar
    Charles caola says:

    Hello I live in New Jersey. Are there any places that are able and have experience converting a 2019 land cruiser to a extreme. Thank you

  11. Avatar
    Bill Gearhart says:

    Looking for ARTIC flares for my 2014 LC200. Can you contact me with a price and if they are available for my truck.

    Bill Gearhart

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