Purpose Built Toyota Vehicle Components for Government, Industry, and Defense

We can assist you with your needs for Purpose built vehicles. Whether it be a SUV for carrying personnel for swat maneuvers,or Armored Truck for equipment transport- we can assist in designating a clear solution for your application. Any vehicle platform & type available, and if the correct vehicle does not exist we will help you design one around your unique parameters. Bid requests are welcome for any component type from Tuff Bullbars to Lovells Suspension and everything in between.Even if what you are envisioning is not listed on our site, just send us your inquiry.

Please contact or call  +17606467470

We are a certified Supplier.  Cage # 7Q240 DUNS # 079087499


Military Government Tuff Bullbar Toyota Landcruiser LC200

Defense style Tuff Bullbar Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series

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